JC Video's Bundled Services absolutely rock.  We lead the industry in total solutions for golf instruction and bring incredible value to the most important item you own: Your Brand.  You can't lead from behind.
Mark Connell - President , JC Video Systems
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Delivering advanced coaching & teaching products since 1983, our goal is to help make you the best instructor possible. We offer a full suite of tools to take your coaching to the next level in no time! 

Outstanding motion analysis hardware and software, along with the tools that easily keep you connected to your students, long after the lesson is over, all in one place. No more paying for multiple services, no more multiple accounts for your students inside your site. Our services can save you time and effort, all while easing the burden on your wallet.

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Our theory is this:  Paying for individual services will rack you up a bill much larger than you're willing to spend very quickly.  We've developed all our own services and are now able to keep your one monthly cost lower than having multiple providers!  We're even including our fully-stocked Digital Mirror Ultimate Analysis software in our bundle, which is a $1500 value!

If you're using different companies for lesson scheduling, another for video upload, another for shot tracking, your student has to remember a different username and password for every individual feature.  With all our services in one website, your student has one username and password to remember to access every feature you offer.  Your one username and password opens your site to advanced functions where you can easily update your site or access your schedule, and all your students and their videos/information at once! 

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For the past 20 years, JC Video has produced a dozen different systems, but this system is the best we have ever created. Taking notes from the all the great systems from the past, we combined the latest technology with the long life battery power, all mounted on our newly developed custom platform. This new system well exceeds expectations for mobility and ease-of-use and performance.

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For the consumer who demands more, JC Video Digital Mirror Basic software is designed to deliver powerful analysis tools allowing you to Mark, Measure, and Monitor your progress. All you need is a digital camcorder and computer and you can capture and compare just like the pro's.

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If you're ready to greatly improve your student communication and attract more business, our full web design & hosting solutions are the perfect tool to help your business succeed!

Our tools give you the power to easily add/modify the content of your website, putting the power into your hands! When you login with an Administrator account, the website becomes editable with a Microsoft Word style interface. You can easily and immediately add or update content with the click of a button. Easily add images, documents, links, tables, videos, etc...

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JC Video offers the best in complete turnkey services for creating state-of-the-art training facilities. From building planning, design and layout (using Auto CAD to modify your architects drawings) to equipment consultation and purchase, JC Video will guide you through each step of your project from start-up through Grand Opening, and the years of success that follow. JC Video works diligently with your contractors ensuring that your project is on-time and within budget.

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